*New* Ottoneu Champions League 🏆

I have been in 3 to 4 Ottoneu leagues in each of the three years I’ve played. During that time I have interacted with many owners who have employed varieties of different strategies in their quest for success. This has often left me wondering who the best owners are across the Ottoneu universe. Have certain owners been consistently better than their counterparts year over year? Any owner can have one good season, but is sustained performance at the top of multiple leagues common?

I have been fortunate enough to have won multiple championships with many other finishes near the top of leagues. That being said, there are many owners who have performed equally as well (if not better) than I have. In 2015, our goal is to give those owners a shot.

With the help of Trey (@fazeorange) I am setting up an Ottoneu league specifically for owners who have won leagues and sustained excellence. We are altering some rules slightly – relegation threats and a non-rostered MiLB system, for example – and are raising the bar for acceptance into the league. We are looking for owners who have played 3 years or more and won a minimum of one championship. (The years played threshold is somewhat flexible.) Our attempt is to provide a more competitive, committed, and involved Ottoneu league than any owner has experienced.

Attached is the league charter and layout of rules (all rule tweaks and league necessities are outlined here).  If you are interested in joining us, please let us know in the comments.  In addition,  please leave your Ottoneu username so that we can compare interested owners.

Here’s to 2015. It’s shaping up to be a lot of fun.

Ottoneu Champions League Charter


14 thoughts on “*New* Ottoneu Champions League 🏆

  1. Interested! @kusnider on twitter and Ottoneu username is kusnider

  2. Hernandez17 says:

    Interested. Ottoneu username is hernandez17.

  3. davidrogoff says:

    I’d definitely be interested! Ottoneu user name: davidrogoff

  4. Robert says:

    Interested as well
    Ottoneu= Simplastik

  5. Trey says:

    For those interested in the league, please let us know in the comments section. We’ve received some great early feedback and are really looking forward to bringing some of the best Ottoneu players around into a single league of intense competition.

    We’ve also received a few questions regarding some of the tweaks we’ve made to the slight changes we’ve made to the Champions league format, so I’ll try to address those here. Before we delve into the rules, however, please note the minimum 3 year commitment to join the league. Ottoneu works best for those who are committed to drafting, building, and running their teams for the long term, so we’re only looking for those owners who will be committed for years to come.
    So what have we tweaked? First, we’ve added a 14,000 minimum point threshold for every team during the season. Second, we’ve added five (5) non-rostered MiLB players to the system, essentially expanding each team’s 40 man roster to 45. Let me explain the rationale behind these two changes.

    A 14,000 minimum point threshold has been added to trigger a “vote of removal” for owners who don’t reach this scoring limit each year. Notice that I use the word “vote” and not automatic removal – it will be up to the owners of this league to execute the opportunity to remove an owner, if necessary. The purpose of this threshold is to drive competition (and pressure) upward throughout the entire standings, year over year. While we absolutely believe there’s a place for rebuilding in a serious, competitive Ottoneu dynasty like the Champions league, the 14k threshold will help prevent those situations where an owner completely tanks a season and withdraws unengaged while he waits for the future of his roster to blossom. In those rare cases the league owners will have the right to vote out an owner that isn’t competing in the spirit of the league (note that a last place team can easily remain among the most engaged owners in the league and have perfectly legitimate strategic reasons for rebuilding). In a highly competitive environment like the one expect in “Champions “, few owners will need extra motivation to succeed. However, the 14,000 threshold should help to give owners just enough pause to keep early selloffs from happening en masse, and thus keeping the entire standings a little tighter (and more competitive and enjoyable for all). Keep in mind, too, the 14,000 number isn’t arbitrary: it’s been carefully selected after reviewing the average points scored by all teams in 2014 and comparing that to some of the most competitive leagues of 2014 (according to the Power Rankings of @sevenoverzero). On average, we estimate 1.5 teams per season will likely drop below this 14,000 mark in a competitive league, making this a small but interesting twist to the way Ottoneu standings play out in the Champions league each season.

    In the Champions league, each owner will have the opportunity to draft and own five (5) non-rostered (“off book”) MiLB players via an annual September draft. Just as the 14,000 point threshold may slightly delay the complete overhaul of those teams that eventually find themselves uncompetitive in a given season, the 5MiLB non-roster spots should help to offset that delay by rewarding owners who excel in ‘scouting and development”. The deep player pool of Ottoneu already does this to some extent, as owners can roster just about any MiLB player available. However, unlike in MLB where teams reap the potentially massive rewards of signing players to a controllable, league minimum six year contract, prospects aren’t protected that way in Ottoneu, and often receive crippling arbitration dollars (in additional to annual salary increases) just in anticipation of their rare success. Allowing owners to draft 5 MiLB players (and own up to 10) at no cost to their 40-man ($0 salary) and essentially protected from arbitration until “call up” will provide an exciting opportunity for competitive owners to push hard for a title in the current season while still maintaining a long term strategic plan for the future that has the potential to pay off nicely should things break right. In other words, we feel this small tweak will further enhance the way Ottoneu mimics MLB contracts, farm systems, and transactions, and further make the Champions league one of the most exciting dynasty leagues around.

    Take some time to read the rules. If interested, let us know. We’ll be getting started soon, and are looking forward to a busy 2015 in this inaugural season.

  6. mike ecker says:

    I would be interested user thticket

  7. Interested – ottoneu username is gregwellemeyer

  8. Tom Oltarzewski says:

    I’d be extremely interested in this league! And as far as I can tell, I’d meet the prerequisites. Should interested parties check back here for updates or would you be contacting people on your own? (I’m oltarzewskt1 for ottoneu purposes)

  9. Dave Cameron says:

    I’ll throw my hat in the ring. For reasons relating to not wanting FanGraphs to get hacked, I’d rather not make my userID public, but I’ll provide it to you guys through email for verification.

  10. Dan says:

    Interested! user is jgoggles

  11. I am of course interested, user is eamuscatuli. I only have 3 seasons under my belt, and mostly with SABR points, but I would love to be involved!

  12. Evan says:

    i’d be game!

  13. @cgrz says:

    I’m interested. FG uname is g.

  14. Kyle says:

    I’m interested. Won my ottoneu league the second year and the fourth(this year), and have been second the first and third years. Ottoneu account is faker

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