Ottoneu Trades Week In Review: 11/15 – 11/19

Arbitration has finally ended and we are a week into trade season! I’m sure we all feel like little kids on Christmas, but the reality is that the Ottoneu off-season is a marathon not a sprint. Each player’s value will escalate or deflate many times over the next two months. That being said, there are very few things as exhilarating as pulling that first trade after a month of little activity. Hopefully these weekly posts will change that. Each week (or two) of the 2015 season, I will be posting a summary of every trade that has occurred in all Ottoneu leagues.  This summary will exclude pending trades.  A summary of the results:

  1. 202 individual trades have occurred.
  2. $9,858 in total salaries have exchanged hands via trade in the past week.
  3. 709 players have been traded.

That is a ton of action for one week.  The in-depth results of every trade are in the attached excel document: Trades 11.15.2014 – 11.19.2014.

Do any of these trades stand out to any of you? Good or Bad? Are there any you find interesting for other reasons? Let’s discuss them in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “Ottoneu Trades Week In Review: 11/15 – 11/19

  1. JJBell says:

    Mostly what this tells me is that across most leagues Ottoneu owners are generally very smart team owners who do their research.

  2. Adam Dunn got traded in one and I am pretty sure he’s retiring.

  3. Hitch says:

    Our league is competitive and really active, but this list made me realize we need to really up our name game. The Ottoneu Universe is apparently chock full of outstanding Team names

  4. One trade that stuck out to me: $23 Bogaerts for $14 Lucroy and $31 Ian Desmond… Way to much to give for Bogaerts IMO

    • JJBell says:

      I imagine that was a Bogaerts for Lucroy trade with the intention of cutting Desmond at the price. Still makes it an awful trade as Lucroy has far more value for that price at his position than Bogaerts and probably will for the rest of the decade.

      • I don’t think Desmond is a cut at that price (definitely not a sure cut). Even if the team trading him wouldn’t keep him, I believe someone would, and you could get more then nothing for him. SS is so bad! Let me put it this way, if Desmond at $31 is a cut, then Bogaerts at $23 is probably a cut as well. Again moot point as Lucroy for Bogaerts favors Lucroy. Desmond only makes it worse.

      • Tom O says:

        I agree with OTR, in at least one of my leagues I’d be interested in trading for Desmond at 31. And I think in all of my leagues I would cut a $23 Boegarts, or at least try to trade him. In any case, I wouldn’t trade Lucroy at $14 for either of them, or both of them. I was really surprised to see him traded at such a low price for such a lackluster return.

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