2015 Ottoneu League Projections Tool (FGPoints)

Are you setup to win your Ottoneu league in 2015?

The best way to win is to know when to go all in, and projecting your own team is just one small piece of that process.  Here you’ll find a handy, visual tool that will help finish that process for you by measuring your own team against the rest of your league using 2015 projections.

The “2015 Roster Grid” tool is simple to use:

1) Download the Roster Grid here (.xlxs)

2015 Ottoneu FGPoints League Pre-Season Roster Grid

2) Export your league rosters from Ottoneu (you can find this .csv export file from your league team page for all owners)

3) Copy and paste your league’s rosters (players and salaries) into the League Salaries tab in the spreadsheet.  Note: You may have to overwrite some player names like “Manuel Machado” into their common name of “Manny Machado” in order to get the lookup to work correctly in the Roster Grid tab).

4) Select the Roster Grid tab and begin entering team names, player names, and projections for each team in your league.  Keep in mind you can update anything in “yellow” in the Roster Grid tab, and you will need to enter projected 2015 P/G and P/IP for each player on each team in order to get a full working comparison of each team in the League Summary tab.

The Roster Grid tab is really where this process comes alive.  While it may take you some time to enter all teams and player names, the payoff is well worth it (and you only have to do it once).

Once all teams and player names have been added to the Roster Grid, you can begin entering your own projections into the spreadsheet.  You can manipulate two variables of the projection system: P/G (or P/IP for pitchers), and playing time (as measured in GP or IP).  The spreadsheet will do the rest, and provides you 2014 results along with 3 year average production as a guide.

So…I’ve entered all my data and projections – now what?

The real power of the tool is in the filters.  You can now filter on just about any variable for 2015, including lineups, bullpens, players, position eligibility, P/G, playing time, etc.  If you can work simple filters in Excel, you’re going to really enjoy what this tool offers you after entering the core league data.

Net, check out the League Summary tab.  This tab now gives you a visual breakdown of the following:

* Each team in your league

* Total projected points for each team’s lineup, rotation, bullpen, and bench

* Visual graphs to help you compare teams at every critical level (P/G, P/IP, etc.)

2015 Ottoneu FGPoints League Pre-Season Roster Grid_Page_1

More than 200 trades were made across Ottoneu in the week following the end of arbitration.  That’s a good indication that leagues are waking up and in planning mode for 2015.  There’s no better way to plan to build your own team than by doing it in the real time context of your closest competition, and this projection tool will help you do just that.

Please feel free to leave comments, questions, or requests in the comments section.  You’ll note that the Roster Grid tool doesn’t utilize common projection systems like Steamer, etc., and instead offers 3 year averages.  While Steamer and other systems may be added later, they are too much in flux right now with MLB signings that a 3 year average was the best, most static measurement for this process.

Hope you enjoy.

You can also join the Ottoneu community discussion here: https://ottoneucommunity.slack.com

2015 Ottoneu FGPoints League Pre-Season Roster Grid


5 thoughts on “2015 Ottoneu League Projections Tool (FGPoints)

  1. John says:

    I think there might be an error in a formula on the LG Summary tab. Total P/IP for team number 5 seems to be missing something.

  2. fazeorange says:

    Thanks for the feedback. This tool has been corrected and updated as of 1.2.15, so please feel free to download the new version here.

    • John says:

      Thanks for the update!

      Could I also request an invite to the slack community, is the email address provided by commenting here enough to join?

  3. thefranchise07 says:

    How exactly do I go about joining the Slack community? Is there an admin to contact?

    Great and valuable stuff btw, this is incredibly useful

    • fazeorange says:

      The way Slack is setup it is invite only, so we will need an email address to issue the invitation. It’s a community for all things Ottoneu (all leagues, formats, experience), so anyone is welcome to join. For now, probably best to contact me on Twitter if you want an invite, or others can post their request here.

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