Ottoneu Trade Rumors Podcast 3 – Arbitration, Trades, Other Thoughts

For your listening pleasure, Trey joins me again to discuss a review of final arbitration results in addition to several recent trades.  Several other minor topics are discussed as well.  As always, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below or contact me on twitter (@OttoneuTrades).   Any ideas for future podcast episodes (topics or guests) are appreciated as well.

Podcast 3


3 thoughts on “Ottoneu Trade Rumors Podcast 3 – Arbitration, Trades, Other Thoughts

  1. davidrogoff says:

    Nice job guys! I love the idea of making player valuation a recurring feature of the podcast, but I think I’d prefer if you decided on the players before hand, did the all the research you’d normally do pre-draft, and then came back and compared numbers on the podcast. That way we’d get two opinions of each player and you’ll each have evidence-based justifications for your decisions.

  2. Great stuff as always guys. I second the notion regarding player valuation, and I would actually love to hear a discussion in general on how to produce player values for Ottoneu (using projections/replacement level/average salaries/etc). Looking forward to hearing the stud reliever argument in detail as well, I had Kimbrel/Chapman/Jansen in one league in 2014.

    • fazeorange says:

      Good comments. I think we will try to cover how to estimate player $ values and replacement levels in a podcast in the near future. Will also tackle RP strategy, individual player analysis for 2015, and other general game play strategies soon. Very open to other ideas…

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