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Welcome to the  Ottoneu Community on Slack

If you haven’t heard, we’ve recently started the Ottoneu community on Slack.  This new, invite-only community is dedicated to all things Ottoneu, and is the first opportunity for Ottoneu owners from all leagues and formats to come together in one place to talk trades, strategy, gameplay, prospects, rankings, stats, site updates…and just about anything else you can think of that is related to the growing game of Ottoneu.

If you aren’t familiar with Slack, it’s slick.  It offers a ton of great integrated features all centralized in a single place for the entire community to use.  Along with the ability to direct message anyone, you’ll find regular Twitter updates from Niv @Ottoneu, RSS feeds from some of the best fantasy baseball sources, photos of recent league trades requesting feedback and advice, tools specifically designed for Ottoneu gameplay, etc. – all in an easy to use interface that works seamlessly with the excellent Slack mobile app.  Everything in Slack is archived and searchable too, so in case you need to refer back to that bit of player advice someone posted a few months ago, it’s easy to find.  Notifications are customizable in a ton of different ways as well (even by just setting up keywords), so if you only want to be bothered when someone specifically mentions “Yasiel Puig” or “blockbuster” on the boards, you’ve got that option (and many more).

More importantly, this is a community of Ottoneu players – die hard baseball stat geeks just like you – so you’ll find an active message board broken down into specific “channels” with dozens of other owners ready to offer advice, feedback, and recommendations on any topic that might help you win your upcoming season (or quicken your rebuild).

Here are a few of the “channels” we have open in the #ottoneucommunity currently:


This is the primary thread for all things Ottoneu.  Everyone is a member and it’s the most active channel on the site. Think of it as a giant message board that complements (not replaces) your league homepage but also allows you to interact easily with owners from leagues across the entire Ottoneu landscape.


Going forward, this will be a key connection point for the ongoing OttoneuTradeRumors podcast.  You’ll want to keep an eye on this channel for regular podcast updates and to request topics that might be covered in future episodes.


This is going to be a busy channel.  Think it would be beneficial to have a few dozen other Ottoneu experts weigh in on the trade you’ve just received before you pull the trigger? Having a hard time evaluating a player you’re thinking about moving and need an extra opinion or two? Expect to see a lot of chatter here all season long as owners post photos of their recent or pending trades.  Don’t be shy about providing your feedback…


These Ottoneu tools (dashboards, custom roster builders, Power Rankings, detailed player analysis and projections, recommended websites, etc.) may one day become exclusive to the #ottoneucommunity, so this is the place to find that extra bit of information that may give you and edge over the rest of your league.


A full feed of MLB and fantasy news from your most trusted sources.  If you’re here for everything else, might as well keep you up to date with what’s happening in MLB too, right?


We all love prospects.  But we all value them a little differently, don’t we? Here you can engage with tons of other owners and talk prospects all day long.  You’ll see rankings, evaluations, and up and coming names to know, all within the necessary context of Ottoneu scoring.  This channel will be an active one over the winter and will be a nice resource to get you through the off-season.

More channels may be added later, at your recommendation.  This is an #ottoneucommunity for you, so you really own the content.  Feedback is always welcome and early reviews have been excellent.  Welcome!

Join the #ottoneucommunity

Join the #ottoneucommunity

How do you join? The #ottoneucommunity is invite only (and free), so you’ll either need to request an invite here in the comments, or email @OttoneuTrades directly at for your invitation.


154 thoughts on “Ottoneu Community on Slack

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    Could I get an invite?

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    Can I get an invite?

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    Could I get an invite? Thanks!

  4. eli says:

    been using ottoneu for a while, this seems like a pretty cool site. someone mind sending me an invite?

  5. Laurence Curtis says:

    Sounds like a fun site. please send me an invite. Thanks

  6. clayton says:

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  7. Matt Foley says:

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    Would love an invite as well!

  12. Fosten says:

    New to ottoneu. Thanks for an invite.

  13. Eric says:

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    First season – Could I get an invite?

  15. Bill says:

    This sounds great! Could I please get an invite as well?

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    Sounds cool. Could you send me an invite?

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    Looks like a great resource. Could someone please send me an invite?

  18. Josh says:

    Could I get an invite please?

  19. David says:

    I would love a Slack invite. Thanks!

  20. brypot says:

    invite me please

  21. AJ says:

    Hey just finally joined Ottoneu! Can I get an invite please?

  22. mojotronica says:

    Hi I’d like to join the Slack community – can I please have an invitation? Thank you.

  23. King kang says:

    Have been on ottoneu for 4 season in a couple of leagues. Can I please get an invite?

  24. nick says:

    Can I get an invite please Gents?

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    Just took over league as Commish. Would like invite please. Thanks.

  30. Matthew says:

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  31. Kyle says:

    I am a commish of an Ottoneu league and would like to join the community. Can I get an invite please?

  32. Chris says:

    First year in ottoneu and 2nd place isn’t good enough. I’d like to join the community see what I can pick up to get that top spot and to avoid a sophomore slump. Can I get an invite please? Thanks.

  33. JR Caines says:

    I’d like an invite. Thanks!

  34. Doron says:

    I’d like an invite as well!

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