2015 Ottoneu Roster Grid

2015 Ottoneu Roster Grid (updated)

Attached you’ll find an updated version of the 2015 Ottoneu Roster Grid for FGPoints leagues.  You can use the Roster Grid in a number of different ways:

  • Pre-load existing team rosters before your league auction begins to determine your needs at various positions, what you expect (project) from various free agents, and how much money you have available to spend compared to your rivals.
  • Load all rosters after your league auction in order to compare (power rankings) and evaluate teams overall or by position to determine strengths and weaknesses, contenders and pretenders, and everything in between.
  • Easily and quickly build your own player projections using the template to compare against three year averages, 2014 production,  and FG Fans expectations for the upcoming season.

While the tool may look intimidating at first glance, it is very easy to use for even those with just basic Excel skills.

First, from your league page, download your league rosters to Excel.  Next, highlight and copy both the Player Name and Salary columns from your league rosters sheet into cell “A6” of the League Salaries (Input) tab in the Roster Grid.  This action should populate the salary for each owned player in and the total salary of each team in your league.

Next, enter the name of each team in your league in the League Salaries tab.  This will enable to you to quickly select each team in the Roster Grid tab (column I).

Finally, enter your projections for each rostered player on the Roster Grid tab.  You can input two variables: the P/G (or P/IP) you expect the player to score in 2015 (column N), and the Games Played (or Innings Pitched) per player you expect from each player in 2015 (column O).  As a guide, the P/G or P/IP in column N will default to the average of the three previous production columns, but you may override this production level depending on how you expect a player to perform in 2015.  In other words, you can use the averages provided, or can easily override this information if you feel strongly one way or another about either the playing time or production level of a player on your team (or another owner’s team).

There – you’re done.  Once you’ve entered each player on each team and their respective production levels and playing time, check out the Summary tab, which will provide you with a quick, graphical comparison of your team vs. others in your league.  These graphs will change in real time according to your Roster Grid projection entires, so they should help give you an easy way to determine where your team needs improvement or where it is better than others.

The Roster Grid is one more tool to help prepare you for Ottoneu success in 2015.  Enjoy.

If you have questions, or see any issues, feel free to contact me on the #OttoneuCommunity on Slack, or leave comments here.

2015 Ottoneu FGPTS Roster Grid

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5 thoughts on “2015 Ottoneu Roster Grid

  1. terencemania says:

    I like your tool but it seems like, instead of copy/pasting the values, I need to change the “League Number” cell on the Input tab but that cell is protected?

    • fazeorange says:

      Thanks for trying the tool. You don’t need to change the league number cell (or, changing the league number doesn’t pull in new rosters). Instead, you should copy your league rosters and paste them into A 6 (“Andrew McCutchen” cell in the default). Then you can also paste in the name of each team in your league in the next column (“C”), by player. This should help populate the salaries by player on the Roster Grid, as well as the owner of each team. If that doesn’t work, contact me directly on the #OttoneuCommunity on Slack and I can take a look.

  2. RumAli says:

    Excellent tool!
    Here are some names that the Ottoneu Export spells differently from your spreadsheet:

    Christopher Archer should be Chris Archer
    Charles Blackmon -> Charlie Blackmon
    Bradley Boxberger -> Brad Boxberger
    Khristopher Davis -> Khris Davis
    Daniel Duffy -> Danny Duffy
    Douglas Fister -> Doug Fister
    Kenny Giles -> Ken Giles
    Philip Hughes -> Phil Hughes
    Manuel Machado -> Manny Machado
    Matthew Moore -> Matt Moore
    Mike Morse -> Michael Morse
    Zachary Wheeler -> Zach Wheeler

    The color Scheme in the LG SUMMARY is great. Can you clarify it, or is it simply: Red is bad and Dark Green is great.

    How did you get the stars to show up?

    Suggestions for the next release:

    Unlock a few columns in LG SUMMARY (M, N, O) for us to put in notes.
    Unlock a few columns in Roster Grid (Q, R, S) for us put in notes.

    • fazeorange says:

      Appreciate the feedback. I’ve updated the tool today to allow some player notes in the Grid tab. Because Ottoneu player names do not exactly match player names in FanGraphs (which is where much of the P/G and P/IP data is pulled from in the Grid), there will also be some slight changes that need to be made to player names in the Input (rosters) tab (Boxberger, Machado, Wheeler, etc.). Now that Ottoneu roster exports include the FG ID, I may change this in the future, but this would require you to enter the player’s FG ID in the Grid rather than their name, which takes longer in my opinion.
      The color scheme in the League Summary tab is conditional formatting in Excel, and in general red means “low” and “green” means high, for a quick visual look at how teams compare. The stars are also conditionally formatted indicate the best player on each team or by position.
      Thanks again for the feedback and suggestions.

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