OTR is Alive & Well

Good News:

The OTR blog is alive and well, and will be busy this winter bringing you lots of great insight into the Ottoneu game (including football!).  Stay tuned for more updates after World Series, but until then, a few quick updates:

  1. If you haven’t joined us on Slack to discuss all things Ottoneu, you’re missing out. This is an especially good time of year to join the community if you’re interested in joining the perfect Ottoneu league.
  2. Just in case you’re ready to get a head start on 2016 team building, here’s a link to 2015 MLB final season stats.  Many more resources to come this winter.
  3. New podcasts will be in full swing this winter, so if you have some topics you’d like to see covered, please leave your comments here.
  4. We’ve created a public folder for all things Ottoneu, so be sure to check it out frequently this year as we continue to add resources, tools, stats, articles, etc.  The goal is to make this the go-to resource for Ottoneu information, including the upcoming Ottoneu 101 guide for those new to the game.
  5. If you haven’t yet taken the Ottoneu survey, check it out here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RFQLSZH

So, enjoy your off-season, but be sure to check back regularly as we bring you some new content this winter.  As always, your comments are welcome…

OTR is alive!

OTR is alive!

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