2016 Steamer Position Review – RP

Steamer projections are now available and we’ve converted them to Ottoneu scoring (FGPTS) for 2016.  It’s now to time dig into these projections position by position to see if we can find anything interesting for the upcoming season.  Each Steamer projection sheet includes full projected stats for 2016 along with post-arbitration Ottoneu Average $ Values (FGPTS) and custom 2016 $ values by Ottoneu mastermind Justin Vibber.

The $ values are based on early versions of Steamer for 2016 and represent a snapshot in time. Use them to inform your valuation of various players but check back often for updates and new projection systems.

Today we’ll review RP.  You can find the full RP projection list here.

Previous 2016 position reviews for Ottoneu:

RP 2016 FGPTS Steamer Top 12

Note: Unlike other positional reviews, we won’t be breaking down RP’s player by player here.  While Steamer is an excellent early source of projections, it does not project “holds”, which plays a major role in accurately evaluating RP’s for points leagues like Ottoneu.  In addition, the RP market is changing rapidly within MLB, with various bullpens in flux as free agents sign and trades occur almost daily.  We’ll review RP’s again as we get closer to the season when more projection data is available.  All that said, feel free to discuss what might jump out to you about these early projections here in the comments!


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