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Ottoneu Update: *New* Roster Organizer

The Roster Organizer has been updated! Take a look:

12.15.15 New Roster Organizer Update

You can now quickly and easily move players in and out of your lineup (and 40-man roster).  This will be an especially nice addition to the lineup pages in 2016 during the season.

If you’re having any trouble with the new Roster Organizer layout, trying clearing your browser cache.  If you still have issues, contact Ottoneu here.


2015 Ottoneu Tools

This is your home for in-season tools for Ottoneu (primarily FanGraphs Points scoring formats).

Previous posts have tackled the Auction Calculator and the Roster Grid, but today we’ll post two new tools for the 2015, both designed to help you gain an edge over the rest of your competition.

Before you access the tools, a quick reminder that the very best resource for Ottoneu gameplay is the growing Ottoneu Community on Slack.  You can find more about the community here, join for free, and you can request an invite here in the comments.

Tool 1: Daily Roster Tracking

While this feature may be added internally to Ottoneu in the future, the lineups page currently doesn’t offer a way to differentiate scoring by players active in your lineup.  The Daily Roster Tracker will provide you a way to track your players each day.  Is this a manual process? Yes, but the payoff is well worth it: the ability to isolate the effectiveness of your platoons and matchups; insight into how much impact your bullpen is having on your total P/IP; accurate, up to date calculation of just how effective a starting pitcher has been each time you’ve played him in your active rotation.

Daily Ottoneu Points Tracker

Tool 2: Ottoneu FGPTS Standings Dashboard

A follow up post may dig deeper into the benefits of the Dashboard, but this tool is essential for anyone trying to cut through the fog of early season standings.  Designed for quick, easy, daily updating, just input your league number (found in your league URL) and you can drill down into how  you rank against all other teams in your league.  This will provide you with the data, graphs, and projections you need to make roster decisions even at the earliest stages of the season.  For now, the Dashboard is designed for FGPTS leagues, but future editions may include SABR scoring as well.

Ottoneu FGPTS Standings Dashboard (updated for 2016)

I’ll leave this post simple and straightforward now, but feel free to post your comments/suggestions/questions about these tools and we’ll do our best to customize and improve them as the season goes along.

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