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2016 Top 20 Hitters for Ottoneu (Steamer)

Here are your Top 20 hitters for Ottoneu in 2016, as projected by Steamer.

2016 Top 20 Hitters by Steamer

  • Any surprises on this list?
  • Who represents the greatest bargain?
  • Which player(s) on this list are you staying away from?

Let us know in the comments.

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Bull Durham: Trout Pre-season Saga

"The Trout Trade"

Mike Trout traded just before the 2014 season begins in Bull Durham (52)

On Monday, this trade was brought to my attention via the @OttoneuTrades account I started on twitter.Β  Good work guys! These are the type of things that I love to analyze.Β  Hopefully it can be mildly helpful to all, and at the very least be a basis for conversation.

The Background:Β 

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