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2016 Top 20 Hitters for Ottoneu (Steamer)

Here are your Top 20 hitters for Ottoneu in 2016, as projected by Steamer.

2016 Top 20 Hitters by Steamer

  • Any surprises on this list?
  • Who represents the greatest bargain?
  • Which player(s) on this list are you staying away from?

Let us know in the comments.

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A New Way to Play Ottoneu

Ottoneu is one of the premiere fantasy baseball (football is coming!) platforms available today.  It’s “smarter, better fantasy baseball” that offers some of the deepest player pools and sabermetric-friendly formats around.  After all, where else can you interact directly with the game developer and see league enhancements in almost real-time?

With all that said, there’s always room for improvement, and addressing the issue of “parity” within Ottoneu (always a hot topic in any version of fantasy sports) is the subject of this post.  After playing Ottoneu for five seasons, I’ll summarize a key issue I see trending in many leagues and propose an idea on how to correct it without massively overhauling a game that is already best-in-class for die-hard baseball fans.

Problem: Despite its dynasty-like foundation, Ottoneu’s “winner-takes-all” structure leaves no distinction between teams finishing in 2nd and 12th place in the standings in a given season.  Continue reading

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Bull Durham: Trout Pre-season Saga

"The Trout Trade"

Mike Trout traded just before the 2014 season begins in Bull Durham (52)

On Monday, this trade was brought to my attention via the @OttoneuTrades account I started on twitter.  Good work guys! These are the type of things that I love to analyze.  Hopefully it can be mildly helpful to all, and at the very least be a basis for conversation.

The Background: 

Continue reading

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